The HACEP logo represents all of the hard work and dedication by everyone within the organization including the residents, the maintenance crews and the office staff. The symbol represents three important HACEP values of community, diversity and excellence. Community is evident by the circular arrangement of the houses; the variety of rich colors represents the diversity of ideas and people in our organization; and excellence is symbolized by the fivepointed star created by the roof tops.

In order to maintain the positive and professional standard for which our organization is known, we have created an easy to understand set of requirements for the logo. The consistent and proper use of the HACEP logo is important to maintain a professional, cohesive, and consistent look throughout the entire organization. The HACEP Graphics Standards Manual includes all of the PMS, CMYK, and RGB color specifications and serves as a guide for anyone wanting to use the four versions of the HACEP logo:

To request additional formats of the HACEP logo including vector files, and to request approval for the use of the HACEP logo in marketing and communication collateral , please contact the Public Information Officer at (915) 849-3710 or pio@hacep.org

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