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HOT Summer Youth Program

The HOT Summer Youth program was designed to serve youth, ages 10-18, who reside in public housing with the primary goals of exposing participants to university life, exploring a variety of career options, and developing leadership skills that will help them excel in their future careers.

The HOT Youth Summer program usually starts in early June and continues through July. Public Housing youth residents from each area of the City of El Paso participate in the conference for an entire week from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM with learning opportunities and an interactive curriculum that stresses active participation with their peers, university personnel and their instructors. Approximately 70 students attend each week with nearly fifty percent of the attendees having attended HOT at least one previous year. 

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The Alpha Youth Leadership Academy

The Academy’s mission is to prepare students to become happy, healthy, engaged and self-sufficient adults.  The program develops intellectual independence and audacity by providing frequent opportunities for inquiry, hands‑on experience, and competitive collaboration. The Alpha Academy helps its students (Alphas) to develop the skills necessary to excel in a globalized and highly competitive environment.

The following sets of skills are developed:  critical thinking and problem solving; collaboration across networks and leading by influence; agility and adaptability; initiative and entrepreneurialism; effective oral and written communication, accessing and analyzing information; and curiosity and imagination.  The approach utilized ensures each Alpha to implement and develop such skills via strategically designed project-driven opportunities.  The Academy outreaches youth in 8th to 12th grade from public housing every summer and interviews them to make an annual selection.  The Academy meets during the school year every Saturday for five hours.  Its location is on the second floor of the Kennedy Brothers office.

La Escuelita

After-school tutoring, homework and special school projects assistance is provided to youth at the following communities:  Krupp, King and Webber.

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Children are presented with sessions about respect, responsibility, good manners, trust, honesty, team work, etc.   Sessions in values are presented to children ages 8 to 16 at the various public housing communities.  Look out for recruitment flyers at your communities.

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Back to School Supply Drive

Each July, the Greater El Paso Association of Realtors, together with the generosity of multiple area credit unions, business, and individuals, host a school supply drive to benefit hundreds of low-income children of the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

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Housing Acquisition Corporation

HAC is a subsidiary of HACEP and manages 1,300 tax credit units. Visit HAC for more information.

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