Resident Leadership

Resident Associations are voted into office by their fellow residents to represent their interests and to serve as leaders in each public housing community.  Resident Association members:

  • Improve the quality of life and resident satisfaction, and participate in self-help initiatives to enable residents to create a positive living environment  and
  • Promote programs and activities that address the needs of the communities.

Resident Association members have monthly meetings where they make decisions about services needed and upcoming activities. 

The JWRC are the presidents of the public housing resident associations who represent the interests of residents, in general.  For more information about the JWRC or Resident Associations, please contact any of the following JWRC officers:

JWRC Officers
Title Name Telephone Number
JWRC President Lila Vasquez (915) 920-4269
JWRC Vice President Virginia Trejo (915) 594-0399
JWRC Secretary Susana Herrera (915) 412-0457
JWRC Treasurer Beatriz Lozano (915) 757-2716
JWRC Sergeant at Arms Miriam Felix (915) 584-5990

If there is no Resident Association where you live, recruit a few neighbors within your community and take the initiative to form one.  For assistance and guidance, please contact the Community Services Supervisor at 849-3824.

Access to Funds for Resident Services

The Housing Authority of the City of El Paso (HACEP) is required by the Code of Federal Regulations §964.150(a)(2) to provide tenant participation funds to duly elected resident associations for resident services.
The following policy will guide HACEP and the resident associations to have a clear understanding of their respective responsibilities, and to be aware of the allowable uses of tenant participation funds. 

  • Tenant Participation Policy
  • Política de Participación de Residente

The following forms are to be completed by a recognized Resident Association in order to access tenant participation funds for resident services. 

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