Rent Re-Determination

Each year, HACEP requires all public housing residents verify their continued qualification in the public housing program and adjust the amount of subsidy they receive through the Federal government, based on any changes to their annual income. This process is known as rent redetermination. Similarly, if changes to a resident’s income or to their family composition should change prior to the annual recertification, the lease states that residents must report these within 10 calendar days to the property manager. This process is known as an interim. The lease states,

"If tenant is found to have misrepresented the facts upon which the rent is based so that the rent tenant is paying is less than the rent that he/she should have been charged, HACEP shall apply an increase in rent retroactive to the first of the month following the month in which the misrepresentation occurred. Additionally, HACEP may report these facts to Federal authorities for prosecution."

In other words, if you do not report all of your income, changes to your income, or all of the people living in your unit, HACEP will find out  and hand your case over to our fraud department where you will not only be responsible for the back payments, you may also face criminal penalties. It is a priority to HACEP that everyone pay their fair share, in order to help as many people as possible who are requesting housing assistance.

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