Paisano Green Community

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4000 East Paisano Drive
El Paso, Texas 79905
(915) 856-5842

Property Type: Elderly

Additional Information:

Total Units: 73
  0-Bedroom Units: 9
  1-Bedroom Units: 56
  2-Bedroom Units: 8

Total Accessible (ADA) Units: 11
  1-Bedroom Units: 7
  2-Bedroom Units: 4

Year Built: 2012
Asset Manager: Lilia Anaya
City District: 8
County Precinct: 2
Area of El Paso: Central
Amenities: Net Zero, LEED Platinum certified, 5 laundry rooms, electric vehicle charging station, refrigerated air, low flow water fixtures and commodes, air source heat pump water heater, solar panels, wind turbines, rec hall, tapestry garden, private security gate
Schools: Jefferson High, Guillen Middle, Burleson Elementary
Bus Stops: Paisano & Boone
Nearby Parks:  Washington Park, El Paso Zoo
Shopping: Fox Plaza, Big 8, Food City, Ace Hardware
Hospitals: University Medical Center, El Paso Children's