Montwood Heights (Eastside Crossings)

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2015 North Zaragoza Road
El Paso, Texas 79938
(915) 855-6620

Property Type: Family

Additional Information:

Number of Units: 10
Year Built: 2009
Management Company: Ledic Management Group
City District: 5
County Precinct: 1
Area of El Paso: East
Amenities: Single family detached houses, swimming pool, bike paths, two covered playgrounds, one car garage, Energy Star appliances and HVAC systems, tiled floors, gazebo, half basketball court
Schools: El Dorado High, Sunridge Middle, Helen Ball Elementary
Bus Stops: Route 53 on Sunfire St.
Nearby Parks: Sun Ridge Park
Shopping: Super Target, Home Depot, JCPenney, shopping centers
Hospitals: Sierra Providence East Medical Center