Father Pinto

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1001 South Ochoa
El Paso, Texas 79901
(915) 856-5846

Property Type: Elderly

Additional Information:

Total Units: 113
  1-Bedroom Units: 105
  2-Bedroom Units: 8

Total Accessible (ADA) Units: 6
  2-Bedroom Units: 6
Year Built: 1975
Asset Manager: Lilia Anaya
City District: 8
County Precinct: 2
Area of El Paso: Central
Amenities: Recreational Hall, Washer and Dryer Connections (in cottages), Laundry Rooms (in High-Rise)
Schools: Bowie High School, Guillen Middle School, Aoy Elementary School
Bus Stops: Santa Fe St
Nearby Parks: Armijo Parks and Rec
Shopping: Mata's, Silva's
Hospitals: University Medical Center, El Paso Children's, Las Palmas, Providence Memorial