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5628 Eisenhower
El Paso, Texas 79924
(915) 856-5813

Property Type: Family

Additional Information:

Total Units: 260
  2-Bedroom Units: 101
  3-Bedroom Units: 109
  4-Bedroom Units: 32
  5-Bedroom Units: 14
  6-Bedroom Units: 4

Total Accessible (ADA) Units: 15
  2-Bedroom Units: 0
  3-Bedroom Units: 5
  4-Bedroom Units: 6
  5-Bedroom Units: 2
  6-Bedroom Units: 2

Year Built: 1973
Asset Manager: Cynthia Montion
City District: 4
County Precinct: 2
Area of El Paso: Northeast
Amenities: Recreation Hall, Playground and Washing Machine hook-ups, Computer Lab, Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Schools: Irvin High School (EPISD),  Parkland High School (YISD), Maggofin Middle School (EPISD), Parkland Middle School (YISD), Terrace Hills Middle School (EPISD), Schuster Elementary School
Bus Stops: 1 on Dyer and 1 on Mccombs; 4 School bus pick up locations: front of office on Eisenhower, Torch, Patton and  Trident
Nearby Parks: Nations Tobin Park on Railroad, Border Patrol Museum, Prehistoric Indian Museum, Sue Young Park on Diana
Shopping: Big 8, The Dollar General, Big 5, Wal-mart, KMart 
Hospitals: University Medical Center on Kenworthy (Out patient clinic)