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For Port-In (coming to El Paso, Texas) and Port-Out information (leaving El Paso, Texas), please contact us via email or at (915) 849-3742.

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Port Outs FAQ

What is Portability?

An eligible family that has been issued a housing choice voucher may use that voucher to lease a unit anywhere in the United States where there is a housing agency operating a housing choice voucher program. This feature of the program is referred to as portability. This chapter describes eligible families and the procedures for moving from one jurisdiction to another using portability.

The public housing authority (PHA) that issues the voucher to a portable family that wants to move to a different jurisdiction is referred to as the “initial” PHA. The PHA in the jurisdiction to which the family wishes to relocate is called the “receiving” PHA.

I have a voucher and I want leave El Paso. Whom do I contact?

Call the Portability/HCV Technician via email by phone (915) 849-3742, or fax (915) 849-3892.

What issues could I encounter during the portability process?

Some of the possible difficulties a family could encounter while moving to a new location may be a tight housing market where a family will find few available units and end up with no assistance if the term of the portable voucher expires before the family locates a new home.

Families should also be aware that the portability procedures at the receiving public housing authority could be different from those at HACEP. It will be important to remind them that they need to seek information and pay close attention to portability requirements at both housing authorities.

Program Requirements for Participant Families

A participant family electing to move to another jurisdiction with its voucher is eligible to do so but only when the family is able to move out of its current program unit under the terms of the family’s lease. A family is not eligible for portability if the family has moved out of its assisted unit in violation of the lease.

Can I port before my current lease/contract ends?

When a participant family chooses to move using portability, HACEP will review the family’s lease to determine the termination provisions and the length of notice required. HACEP will review a copy of the family’s written notice to the owner of its intention to vacate.  If the owner has agreed to an early lease termination, HACEP may require a written statement from the owner.

Decision to Absorb or Administer

The receiving public housing authority has the option to administer the subsidy for HACEP or to absorb the portable family into its own housing choice voucher program.

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