Moving Process

Move In Process (Public Housing):

Welcome to the Housing Authority of the City of El Paso. Our mission is to provide housing for low income families that is decent, safe, and sanitary and in a good repair on a continuing basis.

Tenant and the household members listed on the lease have the right to the exclusive use and occupancy of the dwelling unit.  The dwelling unit must be used only as a private residence, solely for tenant and household members listed on the lease.

  • Eligibility Department will contact the applicant to offer the units available.
  • The applicant will view the units at the designated properties.
  • The applicant will advise Eligibility Department of the preferred property and unit.
  • Applicant will pay rent and security department at the Eligibility Department for the preferred unit.
  • Applicant will meet with the property manager of the chosen property and begin the move in process, which takes approximately 2 hours.
  • Resident and the property manager will do a walk thru of the unit and conduct the inspection.  A copy of the inspection will be provided to the resident.
  • The property manager will provide orientation of the lease, rules, regulation, policies and procedures and other information as required.
  • Resident and all household members 18 years of age and older are to be present on the move in date, as it is required that all sign the lease.   
  • Unit keys will be provided to the resident (Head of Household).
  • Within 24 hours, resident must call the work order department at (915) 849-3744 and request to connect appliances and utilities.  Residents moving in to properties that require them to pay their own utilities must contact the utility companies for connection of their electricity, gas and water.
  • Any cable or satellite installation must have prior written approval from the HACEP.
  • Notify the postal service of the new address and pick up mailbox keys at their station.
  • Resident is ready to physically move into the unit.  
  • It is recommended that resident obtain renter’s insurance.

Resident must actually reside in the unit at all times; a resident may not hold a unit by paying the rent while not actually residing in the unit. 

Move Out Process (Public Housing): 

A resident may terminate their lease at any time by following the steps below:

  • Resident must provide a written 15 day notice of intent to vacate to their onsite property manager and provide a forwarding address.
  • Through a work order, the property manager will request a pre-inspection of the unit to be conducted within 24 hours.
  • The resident will notify the postal service of their forwarding address.
  • Resident that pays their own unities must contact the utility companies to have their services turned off.
  • On the day of the move out, the property manager and the resident will conduct a final walk through and inspection of the unit for any required repairs and cleaning.  
  • Property manager will provide a copy of the move out inspection to the resident along with any possible charges on repairs and or cleaning.
  • Resident will sign move out documents at the complex office and turn in all keys pertaining to the unit.

Moving Process (Housing Choice Voucher):

Families may elect to move or port out (see Port-Out Frequently Asked Questions) at the time of annual recertification or before the lease expires (only with permission from the current landlord via a 30-Day notice to the landlord or with a mutual rescission of the lease).

Restrictions on Elective Moves [24 CFR 982.314(c)]

  • HUD regulations permit HACEP to prohibit any elective move by a participant family during the family’s initial lease term. They also permit HACEP to prohibit more than one elective move by a participant family during any 12-month period.
  • HACEP will deny a family permission to make an elective move during the family’s initial lease term. This policy applies to moves within HACEP’s jurisdiction or outside it under portability.
  • HACEP will also deny a family permission to make more than one elective move during any 12-month period. This policy applies to all assisted families residing in HACEP’s jurisdiction.
  • HACEP will consider exceptions to these policies for the following reasons: to protect the health or safety of a family member (e.g., lead-based paint hazards, domestic violence, witness protection programs), to accommodate a change in family circumstances (e.g., new employment, school attendance in a distant area), or to address an emergency situation over which a family has no control.
  • In addition, HACEP will allow exceptions to these policies for purposes of reasonable accommodation of a family member who is a person with disabilities.
HCV Moving Process:
  • HCV participants (you) need to request a move at the lobby kiosk in the HACEP main office at 5300 East Paisano Drive 79905 at least 90 days prior to lease contract expiration or notify the HCV Technician at the annual recertification.
  • If your income is not dated within the last 60 days, you will be scheduled to provide updated information.
  • All HCV participants requesting a move will be scheduled to attend a mandatory briefing.
  • At the briefing, the HCV Technician will issue a Voucher, a Request for Tenancy Approval form, and an explanation of the moving process. (Only two attempts will be made to schedule a family to a mandatory briefing).
  • Once the Voucher is issued, the family has 60 calendar days to look for a new unit starting from the day the voucher is issued at the briefing.
  • After the family brings back a completed Request for Tenancy Approval form completed by the prospective landlord, an inspection will be scheduled.
  • Families cannot move in after an inspection passes because the unit is not yet approved.
  • You will be notified upon approval of the unit.
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