Maintaining Your Home

In an effort to help tenant maintain their home and obligations, HACEP asks each tenant comply with the rules and regulations.  HACEP enforces the complying of standards imposed by all state and local housing, health and safety codes. Tenant should refrain from and prevent family, friends or guests from damaging the rental premises and keeping the premises safe and sanitary.
Key focuses to ensure excellent home maintenance include refraining from the installation and use of privately owned playground equipment including swing sets, trampolines and swimming pools on all HACEP properties. HACEP also prohibits the use of barbecue grills in any manner which may create a fire hazard and requires tenant maintain working smoke detectors in homes at all times.  Tenant may also not install or store any major appliance including, but not limited to, cooking stoves, wood burning stoves or fireplaces, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, clothes dryers, ceiling fans, satellite dishes, or cable hook-ups without prior written approval of HACEP.

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