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I want to be a landlord on the Housing Choice Voucher Program (formerly known as Section 8). How can I list my unit?

The first step in renting your property to a Housing Choice Voucher participant is to review our Inspection Standards to see the items that must pass our Housing Quality Standards. You may then list your property on or by calling 866-466-7328. The rental listing allows HCV participants to get information and contact you about your vacancy. You will show them the property and conduct your normal screening process in selecting a tenant (HACEP does not conduct rental history screenings). If you decide to lease to an HCV participant, they will give you their new admission and moving packet to complete, which includes forms that you need to fill out and sign for HACEP to enroll you as a landlord in the HCV Program. An inspection will be scheduled after the packet is brought back by the participant and HACEP will go out and approve the property.

What are the HQS standards for HCV inspections?

Download the HQS checklist

What are the current utility allowances for the HCV (S8) Program?

HCV Utility Allowance Schedule  SS

HCV Utility Allownce Schedule EE


When can I request a rent increase and who do I contact?

Rent increases are not allowed during the first year of tenancy. After the first initial term, HCV landlords can request a rent and/or utility adjustment. All rent and/or utility adjustments will be effective the first of the month following 60 days after the PHA’s receipt of the owner’s request or on the date specified by the owner, whichever is later. For more information on rent increases contact us via e-mail at or (915) 849-3742.

What does the lease need to include to be valid?

The lease must have the total contract rent, contract term, party responsible for utilities, and who will be providing the refrigerator and stove. Access a sample lease.

How does the eviction process work?

Landlords must follow Texas law if initiating an eviction process. For more information, please review the Texas Eviction Procedures.

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