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The Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program provides approximately $30 million in housing assistance payments on behalf of our 5,300 low-income clients directly to landlords each year. The HCV Program would not be possible without the voluntary participation of our landlords. We take great pride in providing exceptional customer service to our landlords because we understand the nature of their busy schedules, so we strive to provide accurate information as efficiently as possible. In this respect, HACEP is constantly exploring new ways for landlords and our clients to access their account information through this website.

There are a number of competitive advantages to being a landlord in the Housing Choice Voucher Program. The first is that HACEP will submit the housing assistance payment (HAP) directly to the landlord’s bank account(s) through direct deposit on the first day of each month. In addition, highly-trained HACEP staff will annually inspect each property and will point out any deficiencies to help landlords maintain their properties. HACEP will also prescreen all of the HCV applicants, so as they contact you to rent your unit, you can do so with the assurance that they have passed our rigorous review process.

This page contains all of the information you, as a landlord, need in order to enroll in our top-rated HCV Program and manage your account(s) during your partnership with us.

Visit the landlord portal for specific resources for landlords   HACEP has rolled out the new landlord portal.  An email was sent to our landlord/owners to register in the new landlord portal with instructions on how to register.  The link is located in the same area as the previous one and specifies Landlord Portal (new).  The new landlord portal will have your payment history. 

At this time, we are working on bringing over the rent increase feature into the new landlord/owner portal.  As soon as this feature is accessible on the new landlord portal you will be notified via email.  However, you may still submit a rental increase through the previous landlord portal.  Thank you for your patience.

How to register for the HACEP Landlord Portal (video)

Landlord Portal Training PowerPoint Presentation

How to become a HCV Program Landlord

Lead Base Paint Manuals

          HUD Healthy Homes Manual website

          HUD Compliance Toolkit HCV Program Lead-Based Paint Regulations

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HAC is a subsidiary of HACEP and manages 1,300 tax credit units. Visit HAC for more information.

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