Inspection Standards

  • A  smoke detector must be installed on each level and in each bedroom and must be in working condition.
  • All major appliances must be clean and working properly.
  • ELECTRICAL- there must be at least one working outlet and one permanently installed light fixture in the kitchen; two outlets or one outlet and one working light fixture in the living room and in each bedroom; one permanently installed light fixture in the bathroom; all other rooms must have a mean of illumination.  All switches and outlets must have cover plates which are not cracked or broken.  All wiring must be properly installed, secured and insulated.  Broken/frayed wiring and loose light fixtures are not acceptable.  Wires running along baseboards or ceiling must be properly secured and encased.
  • PLUMBING – All kitchen and bathroom fixtures and supporting plumbing must be free of leaks and excessive corrosion.  The water heater must be located, equipped and installed in a safe manner.
  • Each bathroom must have a working exhaust fan or openable window to the exterior.
  • Seal or caulk all edges and corners around bathtub, shower and lavatory.
  • The unit must have an approved heating system in good condition and properly installed.
  • The cooling system must be properly installed and in safe condition.
  • Unit must be free of infestation (roaches, mice, rats).  The owner shall be responsible for extermination within the building or premises prior to move-in.
  • Carpet must be properly fitted and in sanitary condition.  If it is torn, it must be repaired, replaced or removed.
  • The roof must be in good condition and free of leaks.   If it has had previous leaks, the affected ceiling area must be repaired and painted.
  • Interior walls and ceilings must be free of chipping or peeling paint.
  • Floors must be free of hazardous defects (torn linoleum, broken lifting or missing tiles, etc.)
  • Screen doors (if present ) must be in good condition. Torn screen wire is not acceptable.
  • Painted exterior surfaces must be free of peeling or scaling paint.  Rotting wood should be replaced.
  • Stairs, rails and porches must be sound and free from defects.  If there are four or more stairs in a run, a handrail must be present.
  • Openings in foundation leading under the unit shall have covers.  Methods of covering must be secure.
  • Exterior door frames, jambs, stops and headers must be securely attached to the structure and should not have any splitting or deterioration that would minimize the strength and security of the door in a closed position. Makeshift repairs are not acceptable.
  • All Exterior doors must have single key locks (no double key locks permited on any exterior door including iron doors)
  • WINDOWS – The living room and each bedroom must have at least one window with no broken glass.  At least one window in each bedroom must be openable and lockable.  If bedroom windows have security bars, at least one must be equipped with a keyless interior quick release mechanism to allow for emergency exit.
  • Mobile home must be properly placed and tied down.
  • Front and back yards must be free of tall grass and weeds.  All discarded items, debris and trash must be removed.
  • WEATHERIZATION – All windows and doors must be properly weatherized (weather stripping, seals, etc.)
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