Housing Program FAQ

After a family qualifies, how much time does it take to move into public housing?

Once the family is notified that they qualify for assistance, they will be placed on a "Ready to House" waiting list of approximately two to four weeks.  The family is offered a unit suitable for their needs and appropriate bedroom size based on the family composition.

Does HACEP have accessible apartments for person with disabilities?

Yes, we have accessible apartments for persons with disabilities at every development site owned and operated by the agency.

How can a family be considered for assistance?

Once an application is accepted, it is placed on a waiting list for approximately two to six years.  Within that time, the family will also be notified of necessary documents they must bring to their interview.  At the time of the interview, the family must show proof of local presence to continue the interview process.

How does a family apply for Public Housing assistance?

Anyone interested in applying for public housing must visit our website at www.hacep.org and fill out a pre-application form.  Special accommodations are provided for individuals with disabilities or who may live outside the El Paso area.  For more information, call the central office at (915) 849-3742.

How does a family qualify for assistance?

Once a family has submitted all the documentation required and it has been verified, then the family will be notified accordingly.

How does the Public Housing Program assist families toward home ownership?

HACE supports self-sufficiency initiatives for public housing families through various supportive services which prepare families toward home ownership through the Family Self-sufficiency Program.

How much rent and deposit will a family pay for the apartment?

The rent a family will pay for an apartment is based on the total family annual income.  Each family pays approximately 30 percent of their adjusted monthly income (minimum rent $25.00). The deposit required is $50.00 for an apartment at an elderly development or $100.00 for an apartment at a non-elderly development.

Is a family member without immigration status ineligible for public housing assistance?

Not necessarily.  A family that consists of one or more family members who do not have eligible immigration status may apply and qualify for assistance.  However, the rent they pay will be prorated based on the number of family members that do not have eligible immigration status.  In other words, a family will pay a higher rent based on the ineligible immigration status of one or more family members. Rent will be recalculated once proof of eligible immigration status is submitted to HACEP.

Who and how does the Public Housing Program help?

The Public Housing Program helps low and moderate income families of El Paso by providing safe, decent, and affordable housing that is subsidized with federal tax dollars that HACEP receives from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, as appropriated each year by Congress.

Who and how does a family update their contact information or number of members in the application while on the waiting list?

Stop by the main office, located on 5300 E. Paisano, El Paso, TX 79905 to make appropriate updates.  No appointment is required.  Some examples are:


  • Update mailing address and contact number
  • Adding or removing family composition (This update is crucial to place the client in the appropriate bedroom size waitlist)
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