Community Services and Self-Sufficiency Requirement

Section 512 of the Quality Housing and Work Responsibility Act of 1998, which amends Section 12 of the Housing Act of 1937, established a new requirement for non-exempt residents of public housing who are 18 years of age and older to contribute eight (8) hours of community service each month or to participate in a self-sufficiency program for eight (8) hours each month (24 CFR Subpart F § 960.600-609).

Section 432 of the Fiscal Year (FY) 2002 HUD/VA Appropriations Act temporarily suspended the community service and self-sufficiency requirement, except for residents of HOPE VI developments. The FY 2003 HUD NA Appropriations Act signed on February 21, 2003, reinstated this provision.

HACEP believes that the community service requirement should not be perceived by the resident to be a punitive or demeaning activity, but rather to be a rewarding activity that will benefit both the resident and the community. Community service offers public housing residents an opportunity to contribute to the communities that support them while gaining valuable work experience.

Please follow this link to view the policy and the matrix of allowable and unallowable activities. 

View the CSSR Policy
Visit the CSSR Matrix


Community Service

The performance of voluntary work or duties that are a public benefit and that serve to improve the quality of life, enhance resident self-sufficiency, or increase resident self-responsibility in the community.  Community service is not employment and may not include political activities.

Economic self-sufficiency activity

Any activity designed to encourage, assist, train or facilitate the economic independence of assisted families or to provide work experience for such families. 

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