Alpha Youth Leadership Academy

The Academy’s mission is to prepare students to become happy, healthy, engaged and self-sufficient adults.  The program develops intellectual independence and audacity by providing frequent opportunities for inquiry, hands‑on experience, and competitive collaboration. The Alpha Academy helps its students (Alphas) to develop the skills necessary to excel in a globalized and highly competitive environment.

The following sets of skills are developed:  critical thinking and problem solving; collaboration across networks and leading by influence; agility and adaptability; initiative and entrepreneurialism; effective oral and written communication, accessing and analyzing information; and curiosity and imagination.  The approach utilized ensures each Alpha to implement and develop such skills via strategically designed project-driven opportunities.  The Academy outreaches youth in 8th to 12th grade from public housing every summer and interviews them to make an annual selection.  The Academy meets during the school year every Saturday for five hours.  Its location is on the second floor of the Kennedy Brothers office. 

Recruitment for the Academy starts April 1 through April 30.  Please complete the application and forms attached and take them to one of the following locations

  • Housing Authority Main Office Reception located on 5300 E. Paisano Dr.
  • Family Investment Center located on 203 Cortez, Room 112

Alpha Academy Application

Solicitud de Academia Alpha