Construction Payment Requirements

The following is required of contractors and subcontractors working on construction projects covered by Federal Davis Bacon prevailing wage and reporting requirements in excess of $2,000. (Title 29 CFR Parts 1,3,5,6 and 7)
The Prime or General Contractor is responsible for the full compliance of all employers with the labor standards provisions applicable to the project. 


  • All Certified Payrolls for Prime Contractor and Subcontractors are required to be submitted through the Certified Payroll Software Compliance System called LCP Tracker. If training is needed or if there are any questions relating the system software contact (915) 849-3771.
  • Certificate of Appointing Officer and Statement and Acknowledgement forms must be completed and submitted in the LCP Tracker System.
  • List of Subcontractors, if any, will need to be provided before the beginning of the project. The following information must be provided for each one: name, complete business address, name and email of the Certified Payroll responsible party, start and ending date, and Federal Tax ID number. The subcontractor list must be cumulative and Prime Contractor needs to provide and update list every time there is a change.
  • Certified payrolls should be submitted on a weekly basis.
  • Any position listed on a certified payroll should be part of the wage determination schedule provided at the pre-conference meeting.
  • If a job classification is not listed in the wage determination scale, Vendors are responsible for initiating the form to request an Authorization of Additional Classification and Rate at the time of the employment. This request is addressed to the HACEP Project Manager who will send this request to the DOL (This process might take up to 2-3 weeks).
  • If at any time there is an employee deduction not related to a federal mandate, the contractor will need to submit a Payroll Deduction Form signed by the employee. The form will need to specify the amount and the length of time for the deduction. Only one form is necessary if the amounts do not change and this form also needs to be uploaded in the LCP Tracker System.
  • If apprentices are utilized on the job, Apprenticeship Certification must be uploaded at the e-documents section of the LCP Tracker. The Certification is reviewed by the Certified Payroll Specialist and the Apprentices will then be approved. After the approval of the apprentice, the Certified Payroll can be submitted for the apprentice(s).
  • Pay requests will be processed only if all documents needed are attached and all certified payroll is up to date in the system. Payment will be withheld if Certified Payroll is not in compliance.
  • Upon completion of the project, a final payroll must be submitted. If final payrolls are not submitted, the Final Pay Request will be withheld until all Final Payrolls are received and verified. Final payrolls must be submitted from all the subcontractors who worked on the project.
  • Employee interviews are required. If an interview is conducted and there is a discrepancy between the employee’s responses and the payroll submitted, we will need to verify the actual payment to the employee, i.e. a copy of the payroll check or a notarized letter from the employee.

Pay Estimate


  • Deliver payment requests to your HACEP Project Manager by date established at the pre-construction meeting.
  • The payment request includes:
    • Schedules of Amounts for Contract Payments (Form HUD-51000)
    • Periodic Estimate for Partial Payment (Form HUD 51001) – Four original signed sets
    • Change order (Form HUD-51002) if needed
    • Stored Materials (Form HUD 51004) if needed
  • All forms are properly executed.
  • Certified payrolls are entered timely and accurately in HACEP’s LCP Tracker by the contractor.
  • All calculations on all forms are accurate.

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